Godfrey Dadich Partners; Copywriter
Conceptual + Social + Experiential 

Tullamore D.E.W. is the #2 Irish Whiskey in the market because it doesn’t have the brand recognition that its rival, Jameson, has.  In response, Lynnette Galloway—my super talented partner at the time—and I worked on a spec campaign that could push Tully into the spotlight while respecting its “The Beauty of Blend” brand creative.

That’s how “The Essential Irish Whiskey” concept was born.

In addition to a set of anthemic and commonplace ads, Lynette and I refreshed Tully’s brand identity on Instagram, leaning into warmer language and colors that reflected the richness of the product and Tully’s cultural heritage.

“Gateways” was the experiential event we pitched to kick off this bold new direction for Tully. From guided tastings of the different whiskeys that make Tully unique, to stylized environments that reflected the personality of each family of notes, Gateways would have been the best way to enjoy the Essential Irish Whiskey.