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Having cut my own hair (and others) for the last ten years, I can say with confidence that I know my way around a face and scalp. With Walker & Company, I got to put some of that experience into action on the branded side for its two brands:
the BEVEL Shave System and the FORM Hair Care Collection.
As an established brand in the market, BEVEL already had a voice. But it needed a fresh look and take on its brand story. So I delivered across channels, rewriting parts of the site for the 2017 redesign and fleshing out the brand’s story via the About Us and Founder’s Message pages.

BEVEL About Us PageBEVEL Founder’s Message Page
BEVEL Safety Razor Product Page

FORM however, is an entirely new brand. So, with some quick onboarding, I started from scratch. From the entire homesite experience to email flows and social media posts, I brought FORM’s warmth, authenticity and care to life for the world to see and enjoy for the brand’s launch in 2017.

FORM Hair Care Home Page

FORM About Us Page

“Twist” Product Page