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Character; Senior Copywriter
Naming + Voice + Tone + Web (UX & Copy) + Email

In 2020, Malik led the Character team’s verbal efforts to help Conjure tell an intriguing new story for those looking to rent furniture and fixtures. Focused on providing flexible ownership and empowerment to home-bound humans, Conjure’s new branding reflected the broad spectrum of New York’s design influences while adding a bit of magic.

As lead writer, Malik re-named the company and imbued the verbal identity and ensuing web experience with a unique voice unheard of in the furniture rental space. No channel was spared his magic touch (not even meta text!), including several fun emails

Character; Senior Copywriter
Voice & Tone + Web + Quiz UX

In early 2019, Malik supported the Character team’s whole-hog rebrand of the storied blender brand. While he touched many parts of the Verbal Identity, he solely led the website’s rewrite, including an on-spec quiz that would match eager healthy-eaters with the perfect Nutribullet for their kitchen.

John McNeil Studio; Copywriter
Concepting + Campaign + Web

Enterprise-level analytics is a hard business. Alongside Group Creative Director Doug Green, Malik helped Teradata present their solution in a 2018. This includes but isn’t limited to: the core concept, script options for the launch video, and an extensive re-write of the brand’s site.

The final concept below won folks over. Though, these scripts could’ve kicked ass too.

Managing Editor/Reigning Dictator
Writing + Editing + Marketing +
Podcast Production

Since founding REELYDOPE in 2014, Malik and an ever-changing team of writers, filmmakers and enthusiasts have covered film and media from a Bay Area perspective, from 50+ podcast episodes to covering fests like SXSW, TIFF, Sundance, & the Busan International Film Festival. 

The blog & pod are currently on hiatus, but the monthly newsletter is still active.
Lead Writer + Consultant
Brand  Voice & Tone + Content Strategy + Web + UX + Social

With Walker & Company, Malik put his amateaur barber experience into action for the Bevel Shave System and the FORM Hair Care Collection. For Bevel, he delivered across channels, rewriting multiple parts of the site for the 2017 redesign. For FORM’s subsequent launch, he worked with Design Lead Quinnton Harris  to craft the entire web experience.


When he’s not working to give brands a stronger (harder, better, faster) look, Malik’s watching a ton of movies, writing about them, and helping other people do the same. 

That’s probably one reason why Rotten Tomatoes finally made him an approved critic.* Here you’ll find a sampling of his most recent scribbles on the internets and in print.

*(It had absolutely nothing to do with the thousand pounds of mangoes as a bribe.)